How We Work

Step 1

Discovery Meeting & Fact Find

The first part of our process is getting to know you and what your objectives are. We use this meeting to carry out a ‘Fact Find’, whereby we gather all the relevant information from you in order to provide the advice you require. At this point we would outline the next steps should you wish to proceed further with us.

Step 2

Research & Analysis

Following our initial discussions we will interpret all of the information we have gathered and determine how this can be applied to your objectives. This stage may involve speaking to providers of existing plans that you have by way of a ‘Letter of Authority’. Our advisers will then analyse your individual circumstances and create a personalised recommendation document or plan of action.

Step 3

Presentation & Explanation

Once we have created our proposal document we would usually arrange an appointment to take you step by step through our recommendations. We will discuss any key actions you should take and will answer any questions you may have. For us it is crucial that you understand our advice and we are happy to take as much time as necessary to run through any queries you have until you are fully satisfied.

Step 4


Should you wish to proceed, we will then put our plan and recommendations into action. Depending on your requirements this stage can vary greatly, but rest assured we will arrange all the documentation to enable a smooth implementation process.

Step 5

Reviews & Servicing

Where we have agreed an ongoing service we will continually monitor any changes which may affect your investments and plans. This may be changes in your personal circumstances, investment opportunities or alterations to legislation and tax. We would then discuss the necessary changes directly with you and carry them out if applicable. Our aim is to keep you informed and on track at all times.

Our Fee Structure

Southern Wealth Associates provide chartered financial advice and our charging structure will always be made clear to you during our discussions. This means you will always know exactly how much you are paying and what it is for.

Details of the costs for our investment advice will be provided in advance of carrying out any chargeable work. The fee can be paid directly to us or you have the choice of having it deducted from the investment itself.

With regards to our protection and insurance services, we may be paid commission on a product that we arrange and you will be informed of how much commission we receive. Alternatively, a fee may be applicable which would be agreed prior to undertaking any work.

For specific projects or advice we are also able to quote a fixed fee and we will confirm the rate that we will charge in writing when appropriate.