Client Services

Investment Strategy

Personal Wealth Service (PWS)

Our Personal Wealth Service (PWS) was created from wanting to offer clients a bespoke and proactive investment strategy. Restricting investor numbers affords us the time to make personalised fund switch recommendations as we see fit. It is our view that this can improve investor outcomes over the longer term. Our independent status allows to review the whole market for the most appropriate investment funds without restriction. Due to the active nature of the PWS clients will experience a continuously evolving  solution throughout their investment lifecycle – ensuring your investments are in line with your objectives and risk preferences is crucial to this strategy.

Investment Advice

At Southern Wealth Associates we believe that investment success stems from the use of a consistent, well researched process. Using knowledge and expertise combined with innovative analytics tools, we are able to ensure that our clients receive market leading advice.

Pensions & Retirement Planning

With the ever changing landscape of pension legislation in UK, planning for your retirement can be extremely complex. This enhances the need to take careful advice prior to making any important decisions. Southern Wealth Associates will work with you by assessing your personal needs and financial standing to establish the best type of retirement plan for you.

Tax Planning

Tax planning is essential for minimising personal or corporate tax payments within the boundaries of the law. Southern Wealth Associates can help you plan for income tax, capital gains tax, inheritance tax and corporation tax to ensure that you are being as efficient as possible.

Sustainable Investing

We understand that all clients will have different values and priorities with regards to their capital. Investing in a sustainable manner is an area we can offer clients in a variety of solutions across a wide ranging scale.

Risk Analysis

It is of paramount importance to us that we ensure our clients have a good understanding of investment risk.

We use our expertise to find the right blend between investment performance and long term financial security in order to meet your objectives.

We carry out a risk assessment with all our clients to ensure that you are comfortable with our recommendations.