Estate Planning

Estate Planning

Estate planning can often sound complicated or onerous. However, in reality taking small provisions can make a real difference. Even if your estate is not likely to be subject to Inheritance Tax, careful planning is necessary to ensure your wishes are carried out in the quickest way possible.

Planning for Inheritance Tax and your estate involves many unknown variables – it can be difficult to know where to start. The legislation in this area changes frequently and we can guide you through the current position and continue to review your estate annually to give you peace of mind.


One of the simplest provisions you can make is to write a Will. It is common belief to think that if you do not have a Will your assets will still be distributed as the family wishes.

Unfortunately, this may not be the case and without a Will the Government Laws of Intestacy will apply. In the worst case scenario, this means some or all of your assets could go to the Taxman.

The Effective Use of Trusts & Lifetime Gifts

We may recommend the use of Trusts or talk to you about Lifetime Gifts as we explore the many different options available to you.

The best route will depend on the need for income, access to assets, care fees (actual or potential), the needs of your beneficiaries and your own wishes.

At Southern Wealth Associates we can use our expertise to arrange the correct solution for your needs. We can work alongside your Solicitor or Accountant, which is particularly relevant in this area of financial planning.

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