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Key Traits of Our Clients

As we reflect on 2019, it’s given us an opportunity to look at our client base more closely and understanding which specific traits, characteristics and mindset get the most from our skills.


Thinking Long Term

You may have heard us mention this once or twice. It’s as true today as it’s ever been, considering investments as long-term commitments inevitably provide significantly greater rewards.


Children’s Investment Planning

It’s not just the consideration of their own investment portfolio it’s a fundamental awareness of maximising returns through many avenues. It’s natural for investors to open savings accounts or cash ISA’s for their children and watch it mature at a rather slow rate, but enjoy the safety that it is there should they need it. However, most parents seek to either pass this money over to the child upon an 18th or 21st birthday, thinking it will be used for a car or house deposit. Effectively this is long term planning, so why not see even greater returns by amalgamating it into the existing portfolio of investments.


Regular Reviews

Obviously not a daily ‘check in’ but a considerable annual review is always recommended and our clients prefer to have insight into how SWA will be handling their investments as a review and also a projection looking forward.


Making Use of Allowances

This is what we’re here for and what we’re exceptional at. Upon review of investment and finances, there are always opportunities to ensure all allowances are being fully explored to minimise our clients’ tax implications.

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